Privacy Policy

As set forth in the Privacy Policy on the Software (Bus King) (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”), except as otherwise specified herein, we will not intentionally disclose any information involving your personal privacy to any third party without your prior approval.

I. User information we will not collect

1. We will not collect your personal information including your location, age, address and phone number and those stored in your device and used to identify yourself or others in the course of using an application, service or website.

II. User information to be collected

1. During the period when you use our application, we may collect your non-personal information including the version of your mobile phone system and the model of your mobile phone.

2. Session and available data. “Session and available data” refers to those you provide for us in relation to the connection and services generated in the process of your use of an application, service and website including but not limited to ours. Session and available data includes the information relevant to connection requests, server communication, data sharing as well as online test, service quality, data, time and place. Just like the information aggregation described below, we may also collect the session and available data which excludes any personal information or those sent or shared via an application (such as photo, contact and schedule), service or website.

3. Login data. When you interact with us or use our applications, services or websites, our system may automatically collect your unique user device number, IP address, the type of the browser or operating system you use and the data and time of use (“Login Data”).

4. Information aggregation. “Information aggregation” refers to the data of a group or service or users we collect, from which users’ personal information has been removed. In other words, we might collect the information on how you use an application, service and website to combine with that on how others do so. Personal information will not be included in the final information aggregation, based on which we may understand users’ demand trends and properly consider new functions or customize applications, services and websites.

III. How to use the collected information

1. Personal information: since your personal information will not be collected, we will not use it in any way..

2. Non-personal information: we may use your non-personal information for the following purposes:

a. Personalized user experience -- we may use your non-personal information to understand users’ characteristics and other trends related to user preferences;

b. Service improvement -- we may use your non-personal information to provide, maintain, boost and improve our application, service and website and develop new services.

c. Further development of the Software -- we may use your non-personal information to promote and expand markets.

IV. Possibility of personal information disclosure

1. Personal information. We will not store or upload your personal information, so it will not be disclosed.

2. Non-personal information. We will not keep your non-personal information corresponding to your personal information (e.g. your name will not be put together with your unique user device number).

V. Users who share information with you We are unable to control other users to share information with you. We can’t and won’t control other users to share information with you via the applications, services or websites (including forums) you use or how they use or share such information. We will not undertake the responsibility for any third party’s evasion of our safety measures.

VI. Security Bus King is committed to keeping your information confidential. We will not collect personal information and will take effective measures to protect your non-personal information against unauthorized access and use. Please note that, although the security measures we take to protect your information are perfect, we cannot guarantee that your non-personal information will absolutely not be accessed or used without authorization.

VII. Contact us/Report of Violations In case of any problem or advice on the Policy or our privacy system, or any required report of any breach of the Policy or abuse of the application, service or website, please feel free to contact us.

VIII. Alteration We reserve the right to handle, alter, revise or otherwise change the Policy at our sole discretion. Where you disagree the revision hereof, you may immediately stop the use of all applications, services and websites. Please note that neither our employees nor agents have the right to change any of our policies.